Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What does Cleanlist do?
A. Cleanlist provides data cleaning and enhancement services to organizations that want to have up-to-date, enhanced and/or properly formatted contact lists.

Q. How will clean data help our organization?
A. Cleanlist's data cleaning and enhancement services can save your organization time and money by improving your direct mail deliverability rates. For example, increasing your deliverability rate from 75% to 95% on a campaign with 10,000 mail pieces, with an expense of $1.00 per piece, reduces the cost of undeliverable items from $2,500 to $500 - a $2,000 savings!

Q. How does data "get dirty" over time?
A. There are many reasons why data "gets dirty" over time. To put it simply, many individuals do not contact all of their goods and service providers when they move or have a loved one pass. Additionally, many organizations end up with duplicate contact records due to process overlap or list merging issues.

Q. How often should our data be cleaned?
A. For many organizations, it is very important to have an up-to-date contact list at all times and for these clients we recommend running the National Change of Address (NCOALink™), Deceased Suppression and Prison Suppression services on a monthly basis. For other organizations, it is recommended that you clean your list before the start of any direct mail or telemarketing campaign.

Q. Where does Cleanlist get its data?
A. Cleanlist works with a wide variety of data suppliers to deliver top-quality services. All data services provided by Cleanlist are fully privacy-compliant.

Q. Does Cleanlist offer Canadian data services?
A. Yes! Cleanlist is happy to offer a wide range of Canadian data solutions, including ResponseCanada™ contact list rentals!. Please visit our Canadian Cleanlist site for more information.

Service-specific Questions

Q. Why is address standardization and correction included with every order?
A. Many of our services use mailing addresses as the primary factor in matching records. In order to ensure the best results we include the Address Standardization & Correction service with all orders.

Q. Why is supplementary paperwork required for certain services?
A. In order to comply with the regulations of some of our data suppliers, we require supplementary forms to be filled out and placed on file. If you require assistance in completing the required forms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

File Format & Submission Questions

Q. How do I submit my data for processing?
A. If you are using our self-service website, you will be asked to upload your data file during the order process. To place an order on our self-service website, please visit myCleanlist. If you are having a full-service job performed by our data experts, please upload your file via our myFiles web application.

Q. How can I ensure that my data meets the file format specification?
A. If you are using our self-service website, please visit our File Format Specifications page where file types, encoding and input fields are discussed. If an improperly-formatted input file is received, your order is likely to encounter delays and possibly conversion fees.

If you are unable to provide a file in the necessary format, please consider our Full-Service delivery option.

Q. How secure is my data?
A. The security and integrity of your data is very important to us at Cleanlist. We only accept and transfer data files through our secure myFiles web application and while your data is at Cleanlist, it is warehoused in our world-class data centre. Please see our Information Security page for more details.

We we do not accept data via email, nor do we return data files by email.

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